Assigning copies of one task to multiple assignee

Is anyone using Planner - Office 365?
It is an advance way to manage the old feature tasks in outlook.

There is one feature that I think would be valuable for ASANA, and that is assigning one task to multiple users. Just like asana, it is easy to assign one task to multiple users. However the difference is, on the dashboard of the plan (aka project), the task only appears as one task with the list of all the assignees given the task. At this point, in Asana, the task populates as many times as the number of assignees.

From a visual stand point, the way planner does it is more appealing and reduced clutter on the project board.

Thoughts Asana Gurus?

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You should probably move your message to Assign multiple assignees on one task where a lot of users are sharing their need for this feature. It kinda is against Asana vision (they even made a blog post about it) not sure if that will change or not.

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman
I am talking mainly about the appearance of that task with multiple assignee and not about the structure of it.
I agree with the structure of one task, one assignee, but when you assign the same task for 10 people to work on during your planning phase, or during the team meeting, instead of having the project board clutter up with 10 identical tasks, it can appear as one task with 10 face icons at the bottom of it. Once each person completes the tasks and comments on it, then it appears on its own line in the project.

I hope this clarifies further my idea. :wink:

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So you are talking about the multi-assignation creating copies of tasks. Got it! :+1:

Hello Rashadlssa :wave:,
I agree that this would clean up projects and boards from having so many duplicate tasks. I would definitely be in favor of it!


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Hi @Rashad_Issa :wave:t3:

I’ve slightly modified the title of this thread to better reflect your idea and so other member don’t mix this up with Assign multiple assignees on one task :slight_smile: Hope you don’t mind!

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