Introducing Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams - Your secret to delivering standout marketing

Good morning! My name’s Christy and I’m on our Product Marketing team here at Asana.

I’m excited to announce the launch of Asana for Marketing and Creative teams and end-to-end solution built to help you manage all of your marketing and creative work in one place. This includes five new Asana features and integrations designed to help you with each step of your marketing and creative process. These new features include:

  • Forms - Create easy-to-fill forms to kick projects off faster and collect the info your team needs
  • Proofing - Leave actionable feedback on images to speed up reviews and ensure feedback gets incorporated
  • Approvals - Use custom field notifications to streamline your approval process
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration - Help your designers spend less time tracking down important details and more time doing what they do best
  • Litmus integration - Manage your email testing process so you can execute flawless email campaigns

We’re so excited to see what marketing and creative teams will create with Asana! For more information about these features and our tools for marketing and creative teams, head to our blog:

If you have feedback, questions, or stories of how you’re using Asana with your marketing and creative teams, please share in the comments below!


Forms + Proofing = :heart_eyes:


I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see this in my Asana this morning.

Forms=LIFE. :star:

And as someone who works in CC every day, I’m really excited to check out this integration. I’m still trying to find more instructional information on the proofing and approvals process but am very excited to hear about it.

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Really excited to see this functionalities today!!! :slight_smile:


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:star: #Proofing for the win - Drop the mic! :star:


This all looks very promising. Agree with those wanting PDFs to be integrated for feedback. That’s a large part of what we do.
Also: While I’ve technically managed to add the Adobe extension it’s not appearing in apps or prompting anything in Asana. What am I missing?


I had to make sure my programs were completely up to date for it to work and then open Illustrator/InDesign etc, click the Windows tab and then Extensions and then it just saids Asana.


This then popped opened a panel where I was able to login and then navigate to my tasks

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks. Seems I had done everything correctly just took time to kick in! Gave up on it yesterday then got a notification today and it all worked like a charm. Very tidy integration. This could be a big deal for my team.


Hello everyone! To make sure we can properly track everyone’s feedback on this announcement I have created some new threads in our #productfeedback category:

Please feel more than welcome to visit these new threads and leave a vote on them :muscle:


Only for Asana Business. It’s a shame!


Yes!!! Marketing, Web Content women here!

Oh crap, it’s for Business only. I’m Premium and a nonprofit! Cry… sadly, I can’t change over until this year is up because of the fee attached to Techsoup.


So one thing that’s odd about forms (unless I’m missing something) is it appears that there is no way to associate with a person’s Asana seat/account. i.e Their name may appear as the requestor (in text form) but it just appears as ‘Asana created task’ so you would just have to make them a follower manually? Is that how it works?

@Crompsy, Yes, that’s right, as mentioned in

If the submitter is in Asana, you can add them as a task follower. If they are not in Asana, and you’d like them to follow along, you can send them an invite to join you in Asana.


Right–my point being that the current flow is a bit clunky in that the ‘add the submitter as a follower’ step after the request has come in is less than ideal. It would definitely be preferable to have that email address connect to the person if they are already in Asana. At least in our situation.

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@Crompsy, I thought you were just asking a question so I was answering. For your input, you should create a new post in #productfeedback or perhaps add your requests to this thread as I did earlier: