Forms Feedback

I’ve been testing the new business feature -forms- since early yesterday. I’m really excited about this feature and think it’s going to be extremely helpful.

Just want to provide some general feedback for future enhancements:

  • Add date range (for example: in my form I need the requester to tell me the multi-day date range of a campaign. Workaround is just using a text field, but would like to use the date field.)
  • Ability to have more than 1 form for a project
  • Ability to add an instruction/note box that is not fillable by the requester. Being able to include a hyperlink in that box would be helpful too.

I second all of your suggested future enhancements! Especially having more than one form per project. I came here to the forum to see if that was possible and I was just missing it somehow! In the meantime, does anyone have workaround ideas?

In addition, it’d be great to be able to create form templates for org-wide use, just like project templates. This forms feature is already so helpful and I look forward to seeing it become more robust :muscle:!


I second @Crystal_Alifanow’s feedback, and I’d add: the ability to more flexibly map form inputs to Asana fields, for example a form input date to Asana’s due date (now they all just go into the Description in caption/value pairs, except for custom field mappings which are great).

@Brittney_Boudwin, one workaround would be to multi-home your project’s tasks to a second project and adding your second form in that second project. You would either manually ensure that any tasks in either project are multi-homed to the other, or you could automate that with Flowsana with a rule to multi-home any new tasks to the other project.



The thing that’s atop of our wishlist is the ability to make form submissions as a logged in user – most of our form submissions will be conducted by members of our organization, and now the person in charge of handling form submissions has to manually add the user as a collaborator to each task based on the email address of the submitter.


Agreed with:

  • more than 1 form per project
  • mapping form inputs to Asana fields
  • pre-filling logged-in user and adding them as a collaborator

New request:

  • have an option to configure all new form submissions to come under a specific section

Agree with

  • multiple forms per project.

  • mapping inputs - more details on that below

For our teams to make forms / asana essential for our marketing team mapping these inputs would be amazing:

  • Link Questions to tasks and sub tasks, for example on digital banners we have multiple sizes, so if check list items that are checked could be set up as sub tasks.

  • Additionally to date mapping to actual due dates, additional, having the ability to have multiple due date questions linked to due dates…

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Hey! Excellent discussion.

Would be awesome to have “mapping inputs - more details on that below” to create automation, like we can do using Typeform.

Actually, I had to use Typeform as my main form, select the inputs (via Zapier) to Asana and do all the integrations that I need. I would like to use just Asana, as you guys :slight_smile:

Crystal, while it does require two fields instead of one, for the date range, you can just add two date fields and call them “Campaign Start” “Campaign End” right? If you want this as one field, what would be your expected output? Something like “04/02/2019 - 04/26/2019” ?

The rest I fully agree with!

I agree with most comments already submitted. One of the more important ones for us is notifying multiple people when form is submitted instead of just the assignee. It looks like even if user has the “Tasks Added” notification enabled in the Project they don’t get triggered when its created via form.

However, the most important for us, which I am surprised has not been mentioned is the form permissions. Having only specific people being able to access and submit the form. Here are some recommended permissions.

  • Private: Only people with access to project
  • Private: People with access to team where form is in
  • Private: People with access to organization where form is in
  • Public: Anyone with link

Here are some other features we would like to see.

  • Customized task name instead of just being able to select one field name, ex. Field Name + Date or combining two fields
  • Email address as a type, instead of using a simple text form have an email address type to confirm valid email address format
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+1 to all of the above. Want to really highlight the issue of Task Name coming in as the Form Name and not able to be customized in the form. I need to use Forms for my entire company and it is not efficient to have all tasks come in as the same name. The project name already reflects the nature of the form request. I’ve added custom fields that populate relevant info on the top level but it is too much manual work to go in and change each task name after it has been submitted.