Forms - best practices and functionality?

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We have Asana Premium and are working on using forms for design requests within our org and had a few questions:

  • Can the due date on the form be forced to be no earlier than 2 weeks out (10 business days)
  • Looks like forms are project-based. Is there a way for the user to connect a submission to another existing project when filling the form? I didn’t see an existing built-in field for “Project”. For example, I setup a “Design Requests” project where the forms and submissions will live, but the submissions will always need to be related to another existing project within the org.


Also, is there any kind of validation for form fields other than just “required”?


I’m afraid you can’t force particular due dates or any other form validation other than required.

You can automate with rules triggered by form submissions to do many things including multi-homing to connect tasks from forms to other projects, but I’m afraid you’re quite limited with Premium in this regard and Business or Enterprise plans allow full rule flexibility.

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Gotcha - thanks Larry! I’m looking into rules, but there’s no way to add the “Project” field to a form and have a user pick an existing project that already lives in Asana?

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Also, how do users access the form in Asana once ready? Is it only available via “copy form link” and distributing that link manually via email? Thanks again.


You’re welcome!

That’s right, there’s no facility to add a field to a form to select from all projects. You could make a select field and enumerate some options that represent a fixed set of projects but then you’d have to map those one-by-one with rules with triggers and actions.

Yes, you can distribute the form link however you want or put it as a clickable link on a webpage, intranet, etc. You can also embed the form itself in a webpage (instead of just a link to the form). That’s in the Settings column on the right side when you edit a form.


Ok, thanks again. So there’s no way for folks to actually access and fill the form from within Asana - it would have to be via that link (or embedded somewhere else).

The issue with Projects for us is that every design request will always be related to another project, and I don’t see any way to link them other than manually in Asana after the form is submitted.

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