Forms that create Projects

I am loving the new form feature and using it wherever possible. One of the drawbacks of the forms feature for our use is that we use the info collected to create a project. This results in a lot of copy/paste and potential for mismatched information. A feature we would benefit greatly from would be a form that creates a project with tasks, task descriptions, and other elements fed through the form fields. Maybe even allow the form to assign the project to specific users based on one of the fields (crazy thought, even individual tasks as well)…
Now, before you tell me that the easiest solution it to convert the generated task into a project, I tried that but didn’t work. We use a project template with very specific details and trying to properly implement this setup during a task-to-project conversion would be worse for our workflow.
Hope this is a helpful feature request.

Hi @Scott_Goldstein and welcome to the Forum!

I was indeed going to suggest you to use the convert a task into a project feature, but as you said, if you’re following a specific template for these projects, it might not be the best idea.

I don’t believe anyone has submitted this feedback yet in the Forum, but this is something we could do in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you posted once i have more info on this request.

Have a great Monday!

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Thank you very much for your quick response. Looking forward to how this develops.

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This is something our teams could really use. Currently we use a seperate project in-take tool as it allows us to connect to Asana through the API and customize the tasks, assignees and anything else we need when we send it to Asana to create a new project. It would interesting to see the form function allow to be converted to a project (with templated tasks & assignees) and not just a single task. We handle over 200 projects a month so there is no way we can manually convert each project.

FYI something like this can be done using a Flowsana If-Then rule of “If a new task is added to project X, create a new project called Y from the project template Z”.

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