Using Forms to create projects using a template

Hey all, we are trying to use asana for a ticketing system for our department. The request types generally produce an agile style project thats broken up into phases but each project follows the same conditions.

What i would like to do is to give the EU a form to fill out, that would then automatically trigger a project creation using a template i built, then automatically assign it based on one of the inputs on the form. I cant figure out how to get this to work or even if it is physically possible.

Any tips?

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I’m wondering how agile a project can be when it has phases.

But to your question I think you can find a lot of the building blocks you need here: Leveraging project templates - a deep dive

The automatic assigning could be done with rules adding subtasks before turning the task into a project.

Dividing it in phases/sections automatically might prove challenging. But if you’re ok with using a custom field for the phase instead of a section it should work.

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Hello nystateofhealthWrote@ZachSav,

After the form is submitted, you can set up automation rules or integrations to trigger actions based on the form inputs. You’ll need to use a third-party integration platform like Zapier or Integromat to connect Asana with form submissions.

Using the integration platform, set up a rule that triggers when a form is submitted. This rule should create a new project in Asana using your pre-defined template. You can map form fields to project details, such as project name, description, due dates, etc.

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This can be achieved by using ‘subtask sections’ which can also be created using the ‘Create subtasks’ rule. The subsections will then be converted into ‘real sections’ when the task is converted into a project.

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@Richard_Sather great point.

I expected as much, but perhaps I should have spelled that out.

You would have to sacrifice the automatic assigning based on the form input wouldn’t you?

Sorry, @Jan-Rienk , I’m not following… could you clarify just a bit further?

I missed this


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