💡 Subtask sections convert to Sections when task is converted to project

This is something I discovered a few months ago and have meaning to share…!

Some of you may already know about the mystical subtask sections (aka subsections) that can be added to your list of subtasks to organize them into sections, as per below…

…but what you may not know is that, once you convert such a task (with subsections and subtasks) into a project, as per below…

…then, in the newly created project, your subtasks will be upgraded to tasks, while the subsections will be converted into ‘real’ sections :star_struck:

How cool is that? :sunglasses:

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This is great to know!


Whoa :exploding_head:

Ah, I could have used this just this morning! Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

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We re-discovered this recently as well, pretty handy in some cases, especially when the work starts on a task, and only later becomes a project: subtasks could go in the right “places”. Thanks for sharing!

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To add more info. If the Task is converted to a Project using a template (e.g: via Rule) the newly created Project will include the sections from the Template and the sections of the subtasks.

I find it useful when you need to combine the 2 different structures in one project.


That’s correct @David_Jane , thanks for weighing in!

And if I’m not mistaken, if two sections are spelled exactly the same, the procedure you describe will merge both sections (one section from the template and one subsection from the task) into one section into the newly created project!


It would be great if you could also set rules under sections in subtasks.
It is something we miss as we have worked with sections for some time.