convert subtask in another project under a subtask's sub-section

Hello, I am trying to convert a task into a subtask for another project. Specifically, I wanted to convert it as a subtask under a subtask’s sub-section [TAB]+[N].

The specific subtask sub-section appears on the option when converting the task as a subtask. Whenever I chose a particular subtask’s sub-section, the task seemed not added to the particular sub-section in subtasks and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Like it just disappeared.

This is what it shows after successfully converting a task into a subtask under sub-section
when added

But again, this specific task does not appear on the actual subtask
Project2 Task1 and subsections

Can someone help? Thanks!

Welcome, @Gabriel_Maureen_Cri1,

After you choose Covert to subtask, then in the field “Make this task a subtask of another task” instead of choosing the subsection, choose the parent task of the subsection (Project 1: Task 1 in your example).

That will convert it to a subtask, but in the wrong position. Then go that parent task’s subtasks and drag it under the subsection.



Hi Ipb, I appreciate your response. The step you’ve mentioned is what I’ve been doing. I’m wondering if there is a way that a task can be converted directly to another project subtask subsection. Or do I really have to do it like your instructions?

Thank you for your support!


I’m afraid that’s the best you can do.

The API would support this, but it’s not a product feature; you can request it in Product Feedback (if not already there).

(FYI, Subsections internally are very different than Sections. Subsections are referred to as Separators; they are strictly visual and don’t actually group subtasks in the data model. Sections are actually containers for their tasks in the data model.)

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