Using project templates when converting tasks to projects

We setup one of our projects to use as a request queue. When team members fill out the form for that project a task gets added to the project. Some of these requests/tasks require for them to be converted into a project.

It would be great if in the process of converting a task into a project we were given the option to use one of our existing project templates. Currently we end up with a blank project and need to manually add tasks.

Please let me know if this already exist.

Hi @Tadeo_Gonzalez, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for this feedback. Improving Project Templates is one of our Product team’s top priorities and we may have some updates coming in the near future :wink:

I’ll keep you posted and let you know of any news here in this thread! :slight_smile:

Hi all :wave: ,
Same thing, when a task move to a certain spot when it’s time to give it it’s own project, it would be great to select a template to apply when converting into a Project.

At the moment we can either convert the task into a project and no template applied or have the template but miss all the previous items that were in the Task.

I have given my user a workaround: add the task into the new project created from the template.

but it would be great if we could:

  1. Apply template on a project or
  2. convert into project using Template.

many thanks,


Hi folks!

It’s now possible to convert a task to a project using a project template!

Just click the three dot menu and scroll down to Convert to where you’ll have the option to select Project > Use a template! :clap: