Creating Projects from Tasks needs an option to select a Template

Without allowing me to select one of my templates when creating the project, this feature is basically useless to us. Since I have not found a way to apply a template to an already existing project after it’s been created, this leaves me with nothing more than the subtask list in a single section/column. Yes, I get to apply the project to a portfolio, which is nice, but that doesn’t justify the amount of time I now have to spend getting that project to work like all the others I created from my templates.

Am I missing something maybe, but I don’t see how creating a project helps anyone that has become dependant on some of Asana’s great features.

I am confused because when you create a project you can choose “blank” or “from template”. But yes you are right you can’t “apply” a template to a project.

Sorry, the feature is really called “Convert Task to Project” in Advanced Actions. I just got lazy and referred to it as Create Project.

Oh ok, so indeed you can’t convert a task to a project based on a template.

It was much cheaper in time for me to create a new project from one of my templates, then go into the task that was wanted to convert to a project, add that task into the project, as well as Tab-P on all its subtasks adding them to my newly created projects as their own tasks.

Yes that’s exactly the workaround.