Form tasks to a project template

I have created a form that our business sponsors use to submit new requests. This is a very easy way to get the work needed and a clear outline of the request using the form. We love this part.

We meet monthly with the business to review and approve of deny the tasks created by this forms. Some are small projects and remain tasks on this this project to be worked. Others end up being a larger project that we convert the Task and its subtasks to a project. This also works but we have a gap.

Our company has a template we use for items like this we need to convert to a project. I can’t find a way to apply the template to this task (with subtasks) that has now been converted to a project.

I want/need to be able to apply the template to this project once it is created.

I tried copying the tasks from the template into the newly created project but I can’t seem to get that to work.

Anyone got a solution?

Hi @Angela_Martin

You can create a temporary project from the template, then you multi home all the tasks to the project you created from the task and subtasks. Finally, you delete the temporary project, and you end up with only one project and all the tasks.

Is that what you want to achieve?



Julien is correct, this is something I called Task Factories 💡 Templates can also be "task factories"


Yes that is what I am trying to accomplish. is there a link to the multihoming of tasks? I was trying to copy them over to the project I want to keep and I couldn’t seem to make it work.

You can find explanations about multi-homing here:

You can multi select tasks to add them to the second project all at once:

You can also drag and drop them on the second project in the left panel.

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This was what I needed thank you

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