Salesforce Integration for Asana for Marketing and Creative teams

This is great. Are there plans to integrate any other email providers? We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Hi Nick - great question! Our team is looking into future integrations and we’ve heard from a few customers that they’d like a Salesforce integration. Would you be open to chatting with someone from our team about what specifically you’re looking for as we explore this option?


I’d love to talk with someone about it!


Great! I will connect you with someone on our team when we’re ready to start exploring the integration!

Hey @Nick_Fulton, thanks so much for your feedback on this!

To ensure to we can track and allow other users to vote on all feedback we receive I have gone ahead and moved your reply from the original post into its own feedback thread! I hope you don’t mind :grinning:

Not at all. Thanks and let me know when I can help with feedback.

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This isn’t using a 3rd party plugin, right? I don’t want to do a 3rd party. Just salesforce and Asana.

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