Submitting a new Integration (approval process)

Hi everyone,

Just doing some preliminary research. We are a Social media collaboration tool focused on team workflows and approvals of social media content.

Currently we are thinking on developing an integration with Asana as we believe it could bring a lot of value to our users (many marketing agencies and freelancers use Asana for project tracking and task management).

Does anyone know what is the criteria under an app can get published or not?

Is there a possibility that we will work on the integration, allocate resources and time to it and perhaps not get our app or integration approved?

Just wondering a bit about the whole process as we are at a time where our developer time and resources are very valuable.

Thanks a lot if anyone can give me some insights on this.

Have a great week!

@Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman maybe you can help and share some information? I believe the app submission form has a link to the “contract” that could have the info you need @Ramiro_Andres_Prada

Hi @Ramiro_Andres_Prada, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

This is a great question. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #developersapi category where @AndrewWong, a member of our Developer Relations team, should be able to provide more info here. :slight_smile: