Asana and Sprout Social Integration?

We currently use Asana for our entire content calendar, drafting content, approvals, planning, ect. We are looking into also utilizing Sprout Social, this should lighten our load in terms of scheduling posts.

Is there anyway to integrate Asana and Sprout Social? I am afraid that while using both systems may be great that there might also be some duplication of work. We do often have to move social posts back a few days or so depending on the project. A little nervous that we will have to duplicate the effort in both systems if they do not integrate.

Anyone have any experience with using these two together?


Hi Kelsey_Klee,

I would love to know if you had any progress with integrations for these 2 platforms as I too am facing the same dilemma!

Many thanks.

No progress yet unfortunately.

Currently we are just using both systems - would love to see some sort of integration down the road!

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I believe Zapier can help you achieve this!