Calling all Asana + Zapier Experts!


Hey friends!

Jesse Parker from Zapier here. :slight_smile: I manage the Zapier Experts Program, where agencies and consultants who help automate client workflows, can become certified and join a community of other Experts as well as take advantage of exclusive resources and co-marketing opportunities. If you use Asana and Zapier and are savvy with workflow automation, you may want to check this out!

Additionally, if you’re looking for help creating and automating large workflows with Asana, we’ve got certified Experts around the world who can help:



Would love to have more Asana experts in the Zapier Experts community! We are avid Asana users and have used Zapier to very deeply integrate Help Scout with Asana. Would love to see how others are using Asana with Zapier :slight_smile:

I encourage many of you to consider applying to join us :ok_hand: