Asana and Zapier to automate workflows

There’s a fantastic new blog post from Zapier here about how 22 teams utilize Asana and Zapier to get more done.

Does anyone else have experience using Zapier with Asana, and what have you used it for?

Thanks for sharing @Kaitie. I’m using it a little bit. At the moment, I use Pipedrive for tracking potential clients through a sales funnel and Zapier is how I get the information from Pipedrive into Asana. When I mark a deal as “Won” in Pipedrive (i.e. the client has made payment) I use a Zap to automatically create a new task for the client. Asana is where I then manage the client and plan all activities related to how I service them.

I use Zapier and Asana a lot, @Kaitie_Saballus . It’s extremely powerful. I cover using Zapier & Asana together in-depth in Asana Training Masterclass, but one of my favorite ways is combined with forms, whether that’s a Google Spreadsheet or something like Gravity Forms in Wordpress.

This enables you to create a series of tasks or subtasks for something like a CRM workflow. I just helped a client in the insurance space set up a multi-step zap that was over 30 steps long to help them automate their entire process for on-boarding new clients. It took forever, but imagine the time saved and power of not losing track of anything when the entire process is automated after just filling out a short form!