What's your favorite integration to use with Asana?

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There are A TON of integrations that have been built to help you work in Asana, but only a small number of these have been built by our team. Since we didn’t develop many of these integrations, we aren’t able to provide support for them and, unfortunately, those of us working on Asana’s support team don’t always get to learn about them.

I’m curious to hear, what’s your favorite :heart_eyes: integration to use with Asana? I’d love to know:

  • What’s the name of your favorite integration?
  • Where can other users find it?
  • What category does it fall under?

I’ll start you off with one of our favorites in the first comment!


On the support team, we love Kothar!


My favorite will still always be Zapier. I feel like Zaps could have a thread to themselves - I don’t do anything elaborate with them, but basics like:

  • Form responses → Asana tasks (meeting agendas, material requests, etc.)
  • Spreadsheet updates → task updates
  • Tracking tasks (pulls custom fields from existing task and updates numbers in a spreadsheet)
  • Meeting notes tasks (calendar → task w/tags, etc.)

I used to have more elaborate multi-step zaps with task searches, etc. but those aren’t needed anymore.


Another thumbs up for me for Zapier. You can do so much!

I really wish Asana would prioritize Zapier support over the much more expensive Tray.io. I would think that Zapier should work for 95% of customers. Asana will be so much more powerful once Zapier fully supports custom fields.

@Caisha, what did you mean by this:

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oh boy, there was a time I think 6-7 months ago (before custom fields came and made my life great) where we ran into a situation where I ended up building out zaps that basically:

  • a cell in a spreadsheet updated
  • a zap searched for the right task that the cell belonged to (based on criteria like row name, etc.)
  • updated a custom field or tag with the information
  • updated the dates
  • updated the spreadsheet again to note time shifts

Then of course I set u p stuff with the same spreadsheet for the initial tasks - and they added stuff like subtasks and tags and dates (for monthly/quarterly checks from date of initialization, etc.)

It was honestly such a headache to get working (not because of Zapier because of what they wanted to do) that I’m grateful we stopped having work with that team like that, lol.

@Caisha I think that most definitely Zapier should have a thread or more to themselves. People like you and @Todd_Cavanaugh know a lot of automation that the community could use although Todd is a professional Asana consultant supporting his family with his business so it is understandable that high level automation is not free in this world. And you have your own job responsibilities that take priority. I have taken a different path with Sendana and the concept of a Report Writer with CSV to PDF and have worked very little in Zapier thus the need for the stars to come out when it reconciles with their higher priorities.

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Lets see, this one might take me some time to think about. After much thought my favorite by far is www.sendana.net because of it rapid assimilation to executable tasks and conversations from email to Asana. That of course will surprise nobody being @EricLegault and I developed it. My second favorite is Harvest billing as it is easy for time and billing for consultants.

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What’s the name of your favorite integration? Bridge24 for Asana
Where can other users find it? https://bridge24.com/asana
What category does it fall under? Reporting

I can see my tasks from multi-projects in a grid view. I can choose the columns I want, including subtasks and custom fields. I can also group and sort my data. Finally, I can export the result to Excel. All for free.


Same as @James_Carl I am mostly using an integration I created myself, three-dots CMS. With this service, you can generate web pages based on Asana projects and always up-to-date. I manage several pages of the website with the service itself, like the Product Roadmap or the Release Notes that I update only in my Asana. It saves a lot of time, no need for an IT team anymore.

Also it is nice to be able to create Asana task from Slack directly :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel

Where can you see custom fields in Bridge24? I’ve just signed up to give it a go, and I can see a section for tags but not custom fields.


Hi Mark,
To see the custom fields, open the Grid view first, then using the arrow on top of a column, you’ll find a show/hide columns menu, where you can choose the fields or custom fields you want to be displayed.
Regards, Daniel

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Wow! This has just moved up my list to top integration. Thanks, Daniel.

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@Daniel_Raymond I have worked with. Bridge24 in the past and was quite impressed, even thought of using its output file if ordered the same as Asana in the CSV to PDF converter program I gave to the Community. Do I recall correctly that it didn’t capture the section each task was in or did I not use it to its full extent or has it been upgraded? It is a. nice integration.

I am new to Asana. So, I can’t add much to this discussion. But, at first blush, Bridge24 looks like a game changer for me. I’m a consultant and plan to use Asana with my clients. Obviously each client needs to only see projects related to that client. But, I need a way to see a single master list of tasks. Thanks!

Hi James,
Same thing as Mark Hudson, to see the section related to each task, open the Grid view first, then using the arrow on top of a column, you’ll find a show/hide columns menu, where you can choose the section field. One you see it in the grid, you are open to export your tasks to Excel and it will include the section for each task in the export.
Regards, Daniel

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I :heart: Asana! It’s probably increased my productivity 10 fold and I can’t even quantify the help It’s been as far as collaboration goes. One of my favorite integrations to use is Dossier. It’s really helped me further boost collaboration and efficiency.

Right out the box Dossier allows me to automatically convert emails from my clients into Asana Task (in projects I want them to be in, with all the relevant tags) and it even allows me to reply to emails right from Asana. No more switching back and forth! The best part Dossier automatically keeps all my apps updated so always know where my tasks, conversations, and files are. No more “Where did that proposal go?”

Custom field support? Yep - tell me about it. I spent a good 2 days back and forth with a Zapier dev back in Feb trying all softs of fun queries and python conversions to convert the string of custom fields that get sent, but to no avail. They said that development is done by the tools themselves (calling Asana developers) and since custom fields has been around since January… this should be on the roapmap. Hopefully. Begging a little here…

I still run multi-step Zaps. Mostly this is to match up my Asana with incoming Salesforce webhook data.

Asana Lover for sure!