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We are a creative agency with offices in Tokyo and Singapore and we’re looking into switch to Asana for both offices.
The question I have is how to integrate properly with (our finance/billing platform)? is saying they can do this but how well is it working?
Thanks, Marc


What are the functions that you specifically want to integrate between the two?


We would like to have our project management quotations / sales pipeline and billing integrated into Xero from Asana.


My experience with Zapier is that it is a robust platform. If you can find the right triggers and associate the correct actions, everything is doable.

I have discovered that to use Zapier in the best way, you have a strict way of writing tasks in asana. The only issue with this is that if someone does not follow the structure the automation is not triggered.


I want to second this! Zapier is great, but can be limiting based on the available triggers and actions.

As for the naming conventions, this is super important! Often for Zaps to “find” a task, you’ll need to ensure it’s named correctly and follows a predictable format.

@Marc_Wesseling if you’d like some one-on-one help, I’ve just started doing some dedicated Zapier Consulting. I’ve used it a lot (particularly with Asana) to automate various workflows. Feel free to book a time to chat with me from this page and I can learn more about the workflow you’re setting up.


@Marc_Wesseling As a CFO/CPA for 33 years, can I ask if maybe trying to use Zapier as an integrated time management/Estimates/Time & Billing etc is really the solution to what you are trying to do. Is it possible for instance to look at the Harvest integration which does estimates, integrates with Asana, and synchronizes with Xero might be the workflow solution? It is a little hard for me to get my hands around Zapier and Asana funneling to transaction based recording without going through a system designed to create time-billings and accounting transactions. Just a thought.