Are there Asana / ADP integrations?

Wondering if anyone has had success integrating Asana with an employee onboarding system like ADP? We’re looking to smooth out our onboarding process and trigger tasks based on new hires that get added to our system via ADP.

Hello @Frankie_Parra ,

I don’t see that ADP integrates with third-party automation platforms (like Zapier) that would bridge between ADP and Asana. However, it may be possible for Zapier to trigger from a “user added” email, retrieve the name and other content from the email, and continue to run from there.

Is this kind of approach something that could work?

–Paul Harren

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion! I was running into that issue myself. It does seem there is a slight workaround. We’re going to try integrating ADP with Salesforce and will be using Salesforce as a type of connector to trigger tasks in Asana. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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I’m currently researching any ADP integrations available.

I’ve been searching around and not finding any official integrations. Is there any documentation about what others have developed?


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