Asana & Facebook or Workplace

We are using Facebook at work (now called Workplace) as a tool for social media and communication within our Organization and more. I am interested in possible relations or integration between social media and project- or task management tools like Asana. Please share if you have examples of such integration or if Asana has plans for such integration with “Workplace”.


@Asgeir_Thorgeirsson it’s nice to meet you! I’m the Community Manager at Asana. As a first step I recommend you look into integration tools like Zapier,, Unito, and IFTTT. These let you connect the work tools that you use for a seamless working experience.

I’ll add that the Asana app has actually worked as a helpful social tool for us here at Asana. We are able to get to know each other socially and also collaborate on projects within the app. “Conversations” have been a particularly good resource for this social aspect. Happy to help answer other questions you have.


Hi there, I’m in the stage of setting up a company structure and chose recently to use Asana for our project management. Now we also need a tool or a way to communicate internally and was thinking to use Asana as well for that. I can already see that it will not be able to do everything a Facebook workplace can do but having everything centralized is a big advantage. Do you guys at Asana have a case study of this? So I can see how other companies use Asana as a sort of intranet? Thank you.


I’d be really interested in this, too!

Alexis, I think Asgeir question was much more direct…do you plan integration of Asana with Facebook workplace? I think IFTTT, ZAPIER, UNITO do not allow to connect facebook @Workplace. I think Asana team should carefully look at workplace ecosystem development and integration as it will become one of the leading platforms in the future.

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Hi @giulio_d_erme! I’m unable to speak to specific product plans, as Asana does not share a public facing product roadmap. So, the solution for now would be the integration options I listed. In the meantime, you all might be interested in this video about Asana’s long term product vision, which shows you the big picture of how we’re planning on evolving the product.

Hi! I’d like to chime in and say that we are also in need of a Workplace to Asana integration. Highly pushing for a tool like this.


+1 to this feature

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I would really be interested in an integration between Workplace and Asana


I’m so with everyone! companies are moving into Workplace now.

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Hi guys! I don’t have any update on this topic, but I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you to vote for this request!

Following this thread. Been waiting for this integration since last year! :heart_eyes:

Is there an update about this yet?

Hi @Salvador_Venegas,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any update to share at the moment; as far as I’m aware, this feature request hasn’t been prioritized yet. I will make sure to loop you in as soon as I have some more information!

Hi ASANA Team,

Has there been any movement with regards to this topic? ASANA to Workplace.
Kindly note we’re after Workplace by Facebook not Facebook.

Hi @kim.valdez and welcome to the Forum!

I don’t believe we planned to develop this in the near future, but we appreciate your input and will definitely continue considering this request!

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For those who dont know, guy behind Asana is Dustin Moskovitz who co-founded Facebook together with Mark Zuckerberg in very early days. Dustin left FB, cashed out and created Asana. Dustin’s mission for Asana was to create a Facebook for companies. That being said, it is an awkward situation for these two companies to work or integrate together. My guess is that we’ll need to wait for Asana to add the features you like in Workplace.


Hey there @Marie,
Any news on this?

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Hello @Marie,
Any news on this feature?

We’ve been analysing Slack and WorkPlace for our corporate communication. I know Slack integration, but nothing on Workplace.

Exactly. I’d like to have asana and workplace as native integration.
Slack I see like the best example.
Here we use slack and asana, but workplace is the best for intranet, new events and much more to engage people.
@Marie please, tell to us that you have it on roadmap for this year! :pray: :pray: :pray:

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