Asana & Facebook or Workplace

Hi @Denis_Sooma and @Leandro_Mouzinho and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m afraid I don’t have any update just yet, but I’ll update this thread if this is something we plan to work on in the future.


We are also waiting for interration between Asana and Workplace form Facebook


I´m also wating this integration @Marie help us

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We’ve just upgraded Asana to allow more people in the organisation to set up project. My team also use slack for communication - but we also have workplace for more social communication and some of the field team.
I was wondering if Workplace can integrate with Asana? Like slack can integrate with Asana

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+1 I am very interested in this integration!

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Hello @Marie !
Is there any news on this integration?

I wonder if the fact that Workplace is to do away with their free version on Feb 2021 will make this integration further away.

Hi @Denis_Sooma, unfortunately we don’t have updates or information about this integration yet! We’ll update this thread if we have plans to implement this integration in the future.


Thanks, @Emily_Roman ,

For lack of intergration with Asana and now to be a paid service, my company is to bring down our Workplace account. We’ll test Slack, mainly, and see if there are other options.

I really want this function. In my organization I use a workplace because it is very friendly users.
And i still hope That you will develop it

I would definitely like to see native integration between Workplace and Asana.