Sync selected fields between Asana and Salesforce

I’m looking to integrate Salesforce and Asana. I want each system to remain the focused on it’s area of strength (i.e. Sales Pipeline reporting in Salesforce, Sales Cycle tasks and collaboration in Asana). therefore I only want key pieces of information to be synchronized between systems (i.e. status, major stage in the sales cycle, target close date) - what would be the best tool for this type of integration?

Hi @Andrea_K! Have you checked out our Sales Force integration yet? Salesforce + Asana: Simple CRM task management • Asana If you’re interested to find out more about, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our sales Team (Contact our Sales Team • Asana). Hope this helps!

At $500 a month minimum is overkill for the volume I need (confirmed after a discussion with sales directly about our needs). I’ve already reached out to your sales team and was told that reviewing our specific needs, along with the available integrations to determine the best match is not a service they provide. After talking with support - they may be able to solve my problem but I’m still investigating.

Hey @Andrea_K
Abi here, from Asana UX Research. We’re interested in learning more about what people are trying to accomplish by integrating Asana and Salesforce. Would you be up for a 45-minute video call next week? In thanks for your time, we’d send you a $75 Amazon gift card. If you’re interested, you can schedule right here.
We hope to hear from you!

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Hi @Abi_Kelly, do you still need feedback about an Asana and Salesforce integration? I have been exploring this extensively for the nonprofit I work for and the current solution by is simply too expensive for what we need. I am happy to provide some feedback if you still need it.

Curious to hear from @pdmcdermott and @Andrea_K if they made any progress on your Asana & SF Integration.

I have a current client environment that is looking to have a simple task trigger linked between the two systems. From what I read in the other post about, my client is not paying more for the integration than they do for the two platforms combined.

@Abi_Kelly Are you still looking for feedback research regarding this. I would be happy to use your link and schedule a call, as this is the first of several clients that I have the potential to link the two systems.

No progress, but I am still very interested in a tighter integration between Salesforce’s Tasks especially and Asana. It’s not very efficient to constantly be context switching between Salesforce and Asana and the fact that tasks that are relevant to Salesforce Contacts and Accounts have to live in Salesforce and not Asana, and vice versa, is a drain on productivity

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