Sync selected fields between Asana and Salesforce


I’m looking to integrate Salesforce and Asana. I want each system to remain the focused on it’s area of strength (i.e. Sales Pipeline reporting in Salesforce, Sales Cycle tasks and collaboration in Asana). therefore I only want key pieces of information to be synchronized between systems (i.e. status, major stage in the sales cycle, target close date) - what would be the best tool for this type of integration?


Hi @Andrea_K! Have you checked out our Sales Force integration yet? If you’re interested to find out more about, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our sales Team ( Hope this helps!


At $500 a month minimum is overkill for the volume I need (confirmed after a discussion with sales directly about our needs). I’ve already reached out to your sales team and was told that reviewing our specific needs, along with the available integrations to determine the best match is not a service they provide. After talking with support - they may be able to solve my problem but I’m still investigating.