Salesforce Integration

We currently use Salesforce and Asana to combine our sales and programming work and I would like to learn on how we can do it more efficiently. A lot of our integration of tasks and projects are being done manually and would like to know if there is any way to automate that. Most importantly, a lot of the updates we make in Salesforce do not show up in Asana and has to be done manually and updates we make in Asana has to be updated in Salesforce manually which is time consuming. I would love to learn on how we can automate this process so when we make an update in Salesforce opportunity it shows up in the particular Asana task that is associated with and vice versa.

Welcome to the Forum @Tyo and thank you for reaching out!

Just in case you haven’t seen it, there is an article in our guide regarding this integration: You might also be interested in the following article:

I hope it helps!

I will take a look in to it! Thank you so much!

Hi @Tyo,

Is this still something you need help with? I’ve been digging into this connector a bit for both myself and a couple of clients. From your basic request above - I think the out of the box connector Asana has built will get you 99% of what you’re looking for most likely.

If you need to customize the project/task creation workflow that’s where it can get a bit more complex with Salesforce Flow builder - but still not too difficult.