Asana Salesforce Integration to Create Tasks

Salesforce Process Builder Create Task Apex - Just wondering if anyone else is using the Salesforce Integration and Process Builder to Create a Task. This seems like a great feature but it seems to only allow you to add a Task Name, Assignee. Am I missing something is there a way to also add other standard Asana fields and custom fields to pass this data from Salesforce to Asana when creating a Record in Salesforce?

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Hi @Howard_Weinstein,

I am not completely familiar with Salesforce Process Builder, but another fellow Asana Forum Leader has created an extremely detailed document with instructions on how to integrate Asana and the Salesforce Process Builder.

I have provided the link below.

Asana for Salesforce integration user manual

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Thank you, but I had already seen this document and it provides you real detailed information on anything but the most basic usage of the integration so it is not particularly helpful.

Thank You

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I agree Howard, It is so close to being awesome but just falls short, no subtasks, no allowing for the section in project assignment


@Patrick_Howard-McAul I am afraid this seems to be the case with everything in Asana. things seemed to be half-baked and never well thought out. Another one I came across the last 2 weeks is they rolled out the custom date field but you can’t use it in templates! Also with the custom date and people fields they added Flowsana as a built in third party but you can’t use Flowsana’s variable substitutions for those custom field types which makes it pretty useless. I wish Asana would get its act together on rolling out features. it takes forever for any updates and then when they do roll out they are not thought through.

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would be awesome if salesforce > asana did this Howard. Hanging out. Using in the meantime, works just how you need it to.