Salesforce Task Process Builder

We’ve integrated Asana with Salesforce and would like to update the process builder to create tasks in Asana and now SF. I can see a screengrab of the Process Builder but there are no options of how to use the Asana integration in this way that I can find? SF can’t help me, so reaching out here :slight_smile:

Hi @Berenice_Northcott, welcome to the Asana. Community Forum! we can certainly help you here :slight_smile:

Please follow these steps to connect the integration using the Process Builder:

  • Click the Gear Icon on the top right hand side then “Set-up”
  • Search for “Process Builder” on the top left hand search field
  • Click “New” the fill out the field
  • For “The process starts” when, it will depend on what workflow you have but this is mandatory field

If this doesn’t help, can you confirm the steps you are following and what screencast you are referring to? It’d be also helpful, if you can send me any screenshots showing the issue! Thank you.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you! I think we are pretty much setup yey. Can you add a column in what you see in the salesforce window e.g. you can currently see Name, Project, Status, Due Date and Assigned to, I would like to see one more field in the salesforce view, is this possible?