Asana Task Bi-directinal sync with salesforce

Hi is there any way Asana tasks can sync in salesforce automatically. up on project creation.
i went through the manual but no use.
Any help would by appreciable.


Did you look at Asana for Salesforce • Asana ?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman yes i went through that link.
Here my question is as opportunity status equals closed won. it triggers an action where as new project is created in asana and salesforce. based on template but what ever the tasks created in that template should automatically display at tasks section in salesforce.
but currently we are able to create and connect task in salesforce i want it to automatically display all the tasks.

As u can see in the image project created and linked but tasks are not linked.

Sorry I don’t know that integration specifically, just wanted to make sure you’ve seen it.