How to change the team for a Project?

I have created a project from a task, and now my manager wants me to change the teams for that particular project. I have read the previous answer in Asana community, it says to click the drop down “move to another team” but I cannot find that function even though we are using the premium version.

I have also tried to drag the project to the team, but it doesn’t work. Please help.

Hi @Dian_Lumban_Toruan,

It’s here on the dropdown menu to the right of the project name:

Welcome, @Dian_Lumban_Toruan,

Because you wrote that you tried both drag and drop and looking in the project actions menu as @Phil_Seeman suggested, I think what’s happening here is that you are not a member of both the source and intended destination team. Unless you are in both, you won’t be able to move the project as desired, so see if you can get yourself added to those teams on your own or via request to join or otherwise, and I think that will clear up the problem.



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Thank you Larry and Phil for the quick response. I appreciate it.
I am sure I have been added to both groups but I will make sure again.


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