Moving a Project from "My Projects" to "Teams"

Hi all,
My team are starting to use Asana and we have come across a small issue.
We created a project folder and it sits under the heading “My projects”. I would like to move this project under one of our team names.

However,I am not getting the option to “Move to another team”. Does anyone know if there is a way around this?

@Diarmuid_O_Flynn, Make sure that you have permission/membership in the from and to teams, and this project to give you sufficient rights to make that move, which you can do as described or with drag and drop within the left sidebar. I’ve been prevented from this before due to permissions (can’t recall the exact problem, like private destination team maybe, but the above should cover it).



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Thanks @lpb ! Yes- I am not a member in the “from” team so maybe this is preventing me from moving this project. I will get membership tomorrow & hopefully this can resolve my issue. Thanks Larry!


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