Support in adding tasks to multiple projects

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone was able to assist on the following issue please?

I’m having an issue adding an existing task to multiple folders. When trying to do this, existing folders do not appear in the drop down when typing and I’m having to resort to creating a new folder instead for the task.

Or I’m I correct to assume to add tasks to multiple folders, you need to have a premium subscription?

Thanks all.


@Shah_Hoque Based on the title of your post, I assume when you say “folders” you mean projects. It is possible to add tasks to multiple projects. You may be having an issue because you do not have access to the projects you’re searching for. First step would be to ensure that you have permission to view the projects you’re looking for.

I’d also make sure that you’re following the correct steps to add tasks to projects. I encourage you to read this article describing how to add a task to multiple projects. Also, you might try the fun keyboard shortcut, Tab+P to add a task to another project.

Please let us know if these resources help you and if you have any other questions.

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Hi Alexis,

Thank you, article you suggested was very helpful.


I’m happy to help, @Shah_Hoque! :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m having the same issue. I already moved tasks before, so I know how to do this.
But now it’s not working anymore.

I’m trying to move the tasks to another project, but when I type it only shows Create a new project, it doesn’t show the name of my other projects anymore. So annoying.
I have all permissions as I’m the only one who is creating this projects.

I use Chrome and it’s updated to the last version.

Any tips how to fix this?

Hi Rita,

Are you experiencing this on a different workspace than your own?

I’ve seem to notice, it only works in your main organisation workspace, and trying to move tasks to another project on a different workspace you created or share with another team member, does not seem to work. Would this be the same for you?

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I am also facing the same problem – but only in Personal Projects. No projects appear in the drop down list after clicking the pencil/+ icon and entering other project titles, only “New project” shows up.

I never create any organization. I only use the personal projects workspace. It used to work well, now not anymore. I tried at all the projects and I really don’t know why is not work anymore.

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This sounds like a bug we’re aware of in personal projects.
What we’re seeing is that only favorited/cached projects appear in auto complete. Is that consistent with what you’re seeing @Rita_Viana? If yes, it is indeed a bug we’re aware of and we apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll resolve it as quickly as possible.

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Hi @Alexis.
All the projects I want to move the tasks are favorited. Not a single project name appears when I try to move a task, favorited or not.
I hope you can fix it. :slight_smile:

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Oh boy! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. I’ll deliver that information to my team.

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Hi Alexis,

before I had noticed the bug that only the favorited projects appeared in auto complete when adding additional projects. This could be worked around by expanding the projects list (clicking on “more projects”).

This doesn’t work anymore though. And favorited projects do not appear any longer either.
Seems to be the same problem Rita_Viana is facing…

@Shah_Hoque, @Rita_Viana, @Phil_M A bug fix was just deployed! The problem should be resolved now. Please take a look :slight_smile:


It’s working!!! Thank you!!!

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Thank you! It’s working when adding an additional project to a single task.
But: When multiple tasks are selected I still cannot add any additional (existing) projects…

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Noted. Thanks, Phil!

Our organization is able to add a task to multiple projects, but when we want to move that task to a subtask in one of the projects, it breaks the connection. Is there a specific procedure to ensure no matter where I move that task in one project it will still track it’s location in the other project? Second question, do users have to be members of both projects for this to work?

Hi @Gina_Wilson. I believe the solution for you is: after the task becomes a subtask, use the shortcut Tab+P to add the subtask to a project. Add the subtask to the parent project (the project the subtask lives in) and any other connecting project. You can add the subtask to multiple projects by continuing to use the shortcut Tab+P.

Anyone who is a member of a project to which the subtasks belongs will be able to view the subtask, so I expect you won’t have to change any permissions (for guests I assume).

Please let us know if you have follow up questions :slight_smile:

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It would be great if we could Tab+P for multiple subtask rather than having to open each subtask and Tab+P for each.


Tab+P alone doesn’t allow you to add a task to a second project. But if you do Tab+P and then press Tab again, you go to a new field for a second project.