Add an existing task to a project without leaving the project

Normally, you would open a specific task, and multi-home it into a second project. That workflow works well.

Here’s a new workflow I’m suggesting:

  1. From the project page, choose “add task from another project”
  2. Search for a task that already exists
  3. It’s multi-homed into the project you are looking at

Rationale: Sometimes you realize you want to multi-home a task when you’re looking at a related project, rather than creating the task itself. It’s a bit inefficient to leave the project you’re working on to find the task you want to multi-home.

Great idea, @Justine_D! I’ll keep you posted if I have any news and if this is something we plan to implement in the future. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us!

Interesting idea, I’ll upvote!