New Tasks in different Project

Been building out a workflow and I have found a way to add sub-tasks when certain triggers are met. However ideally I would like for the sub-task to create a task in a different project, but be linked (the way you can link tasks across different projects).
Is this possible?

Hi @Becky_Manson,

Do you want to create a new task and then have an Hyperlink to the subtask, or just add the subtask to an existing project? i.e. multi-home the subtask.

In case you want to Hyperlink instead of multi-home why are you preferring this approach?


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It sounds like you’d like the subtask that will get added to be “multi-homed” into the other project so it both exists as a subtask of this project’s task and, as well, it exists as a top-level task in the other project. If so, all you need to do is click the pencil icon at the far right of the subtask as shown below:

On the next subtask edit page you will see “Add to project”; click that and choose the other project.

Hope that helps,


Thanks! I totally didn’t realise I could do this - what a silly question.

Thanks again.

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There are no silly questions here!

The Asana UI is so good and simple that it belies how much can be done functionally.


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Again - it is probably right in front of me, but is there a way to copy a task to a new project and then mark the original as complete? OR is that two different workflow rules required?

By “copy a task to a new project” if you mean really duplicate the task placing it in another project, you can do that manually but not with Asana rules because there’s no copy/duplicate task rule. You could do that with I think, maybe (/cc @Phil_Seeman).

But if you mean the earlier answer I provided (subtask homed to another project) then you could add a second action (click “+”) to the rule to, in addition, mark the original complete. Not sure that’s what you mean though…


Flowsana doesn’t have a function to duplicate an existing task like that; you could probably use Zapier but it would likely require multiple steps.

if you mark the original complete wont it close the task in the other project too?? :thinking:

Sorry, @Becky_Manson, I’m not really clear on your use case and exactly what you’re referring to. Can you describe in more thorough detail, or perhaps someone else can follow better than I can?