Add task from one project as subtask in another project

As a user with multiple projects in Asana, I want to easily set a Task from Project A as a Subtask under a task in Project B, so I can link tasks by reference between projects.

Today, as a workaround, I can temporarily put both tasks in the same project for long enough to drag one task into the other’s subtask field. I still have to remove the parent task from the extra project.

When adding subtasks to a project, it would be useful to select other projects’ existing tasks from a dropdown/search, or paste a link which creates a reference to another project’s task as a subtask, etc.

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Hi @matt_lusby and welcome to the Forum! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We’re in the process of rolling a new feature that will allow you to easily move a subtask from one project to another; if you want to learn more about it, have a look at this post: Meet our new Task option Menu

Hope this helps!

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Hi Marie-

That feature looks interesting!

When users click “Make a subtask of…” will they only be able to make the Task a subtask within the same Project, or will they have access to Tasks in other Projects too?

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@Marie while the advanced actions are certainly helpful, the fact that adding a task as a subtask REMOVES the task from the original project is really a problem.
For example:
There is a Main project board with a Feedback Task (for example: in which feedback on a video is gathered and worked on) which should be viewable for everybody as a document of changes.
I would like to add this task as a subtask of a separate task in a separate project (the Video task, which is both in the main project and in the Video departments project.

There are so many projects running simultaneously that each department needs their own board to keep track of what is going on, additionally to the main project boards.

Any suggestions on how best to deal with this? I am trying to avoid information needing to be input twice (big chance of human error)


@Marie, this was marked as “solved”, but as @tom.marsh pointed out, the Task option Menu does NOT allow a task in Project A to be added as a subtask of Project B. Like Tom, our team would greatly benefit from the ability to share tasks in this way. Has there been ANY movement on adding/improving this type of functionality??


+1 for this request.


+1 for this request - need to add tasks as subtasks to other projects while retaining them in the original project. subtasks also need to show the project they are associated with!


This method works for me, I hope it helps

  1. Go to the task you want to add as a subtask in another Project and open it

  2. In the right-hand panel click the 3 dots icon (top right) and select ‘Add to Another Project’ and then search/choose/select the project required. This is what Asana calls ‘multi-home’. That task now appears in both projects.

  3. Go to the Project you have just added the task to. It should be visible in the first stage (left column in the ‘Board’ view

  4. Open that task and in the right-hand panel click the 3 dots icon (top right) and select- Advanced actions>Make a subtask of - then search/choose/select the task required

Although there is a warning above the select task field saying the task will be removed from the current project, it isn’t, it is just moved and made a subtask. This is due to the fact you are selecting the parent task that exists in the same project. The warning is probably relates selecting a parent task that exists in another project