Add task from one project as subtask in another project



As a user with multiple projects in Asana, I want to easily set a Task from Project A as a Subtask under a task in Project B, so I can link tasks by reference between projects.

Today, as a workaround, I can temporarily put both tasks in the same project for long enough to drag one task into the other’s subtask field. I still have to remove the parent task from the extra project.

When adding subtasks to a project, it would be useful to select other projects’ existing tasks from a dropdown/search, or paste a link which creates a reference to another project’s task as a subtask, etc.


Hi @matt_lusby and welcome to the Forum! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We’re in the process of rolling a new feature that will allow you to easily move a subtask from one project to another; if you want to learn more about it, have a look at this post: Meet our new Task option Menu

Hope this helps!


Hi Marie-

That feature looks interesting!

When users click “Make a subtask of…” will they only be able to make the Task a subtask within the same Project, or will they have access to Tasks in other Projects too?