When a task in one project is linked as a subtask of a parent in a different project, leave the subtask in its original project.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a task named Task 1 as a task in Project A.
  2. Add a task named Task 2 as a task in Project B.
  3. In the detail pane for Task 1, select *Convert to Subtask Select Task 2 from the dropdown list.

desired behavior:
That Task 1 becomes a subtask of Task 2, without joining that project, but it also retains its association with Project A.

This solves the workload and portfolio issues because you can easily choose to put or not put both projects in the portfolio and get the full picture of the workload.

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Hi @Rachel_Botts,

There’s already a Product Feedback item for this request so I merged yours into it. Be sure to visit that thread and add your vote!

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