Sub Tasks in more than one project while Parent task in one project


I came across a need, where I am working in a higher level project, and tasks are assigned to me. They are broad levels tasks.

I break the work in sub tasks and assign those sub tasks to my team mates. Now I have created another project for my team. I don’t want to bother my senior managers with the nitty grities of task, Yet, I want to keep the linkage of my broader tasks with sub tasks too.

I haven’t found any option to add a Parent Task in One Project (Project A) and the Sub Tasks could be added to Another Project (Project B).

What is the right way of doing things in this scenario ?

Hi @Salman_Khwaja I actually do that quite a lot.

I will have a SubTask generated as part of a one on one meeting with a colleague which is then a main task in a seperate project as an agenda item for discussion with the leadership group.


I am not seeing the option to add a subtask to more than one project. Is it possible? If so, how?

If you hover your cursor over the “Projects” row in the task’s detail, you’ll see a + button:


(You can also do it in a project’s List view if you’re displaying subtasks and have added “Projects” as a column.)

For subtasks, the Projects field is not present by default when the subtask in shown in the task detail pane, unlike top-level tasks when it is always there.

If it’s not shown, use Tab+P to show it, or choose from the task detail menu Add project.



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Thank you Larry, the subtasks did not have the + project visible on our projects. The tab+P did work though.

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