workloads and subtasks

we have a team member with many sub tasks assigned to him for today. Workloads indicates that he has no tasks for today. does workloads work with subtasks?

Workload is linked to a portfolio that lists projects, and a subtask is not part of its parent task’s project (wow that is a complicated sentence).

Long story short: unless you add subtasks to the project, you won’t see them in Workload. If you do, the project task list will be messy :stuck_out_tongue:

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As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, subtasks do not inherit the project from their parent tasks right now. You can only affiliate subtasks with projects by manually adding the project to them. Once you add the subtasks to the project, they will appear in the Workload. Please find how to do it in this article.

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thanks mate

Hi @Emily_Roman is there an update for when subtasks will be available in workload? This is limiting the value of workload.


Hi @John_Camilleri!

You can certainly see subtasks in Workload, simply add the subtasks to the project and they will appear. You can do this by going into the subtask details and using Tab+P to focus on the project field or by going to the upper right drop-down and selecting “Add to Project.”

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

Too many clicks. There should be a way to streamline and have all the subtasks pick up parent task project. At a min, add the project field to the subtask so we don’t have to click into details.

It also adds the subtask into the board (double posts) when you assign the project. Not clean.

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Hi Emily, this is a lot of double handling of tasks which creates a lot of inefficiency. We’d prefer not to have to do work-arounds to make it usable.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback @Andrew_Pawling and @John_Camilleri. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I completely understand your point! You can vote for this feature in this thread: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

Let me know if your have any questions and I’d be happy to help!

Would love to see subtasks in Workloads too. I’m trying to get more of our departments on Asana, but it’s hard for me to sell it (and the upgrade to Business) if we can’t view resource allocation at that level.


I would also like to see subtasks added to time line. Is development for this underway?

Thank you