Does Workload only evaluate Tasks, not SubTasks?

Hey all,

The way our team works is as follows"

  • Projects are projects. We’re an agency and have many small 4-6 week projects. We generally don’t have an Epic

*Tasks are User Stories
*Sub-Tasks are the work to realize the user story

Setting it up this way I ran into an issue- Even if users are assigned to a sub-task, their reporting in Workload shows them as un-assigned. Is this correct? Is the only way Workload works is if the estimate and assignment are at the TASK level?

Is there a way to get Workload to recognize estimates + assignments on sub-tasks?

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Hi @Scott_Stephan. If you manually add the subtasks to the project (as they don’t inherit the project from their parent tasks) they will then appear in Workload. Check out this thread for details: workloads and subtasks - #7 by Andrew_Pawling. There is an upvote link in the thread to get this to happen automatically.

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