Visibility of all Recurring tasks

I’m switching to It’s not worth the wait. It’s been a very long time and this isn’t still a thing here.

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Hope Monday will help with what you need :wave:

Hi @Bastien_Siebman I don’t see this attitude being very constructive. This feature has been requested since March 2017 (almost 3 years ago) and a lot of people are just asking to do something to finally solve the issue. I see the answer “You don’t like the way it is? Well, that’s the door. See ya :wave:” only arrogant and pointless to the thread.

@Marie I thougth Asana had a different culture and a more customer centric vision. If this is not the case, I think a lot of us should look around to find something more worthy our money and time.


I was honest, I hope Monday is the right tool for him.

The requested feature has a huge downside: tons of tasks would suddenly show up in people’s calendar. If you have daily recurring tasks, it would clutter everything.

So the current situation is not perfect, and what the community is asking isn’t either. I guess (I know) the product team is reconsidering this on a regular basis.

You should keep saying that this is important to you, I just wanted to emphasise in my last response that maybe the product was not the right one for him, and that is ok! Thankfully Asana will never do all the product requests just because many people request them.


Sorry, but it should really be in Asana’s best interest to make this feature available upon request. From a programming point of view, it would be easy to say that if X is checked, the task should appear as recurring in the calendar and if Y is checked, not.


I see the point, but hiding the clutter is not a solution. The mess is still there and it’s better to deal with it on time, rather than fake that everything looks nice and clean. If someone has a recurring task to do on a specific day, it should be very clear both for him and the project or portfolio manager because it affects the short and the mid-term planning.

The bottom line is that Workload is a paid feature that is not well engineered and it has many leaks (see also this issue). Right now it’s just something that looks nice on tutorials, but as we see here, it fails to support managers on planning activities since it needs a lot of time consuming workarounds.


@Federico_Neri and others,

Please have a look at, and potentially add your vote to:

Given the wide extraordinary applicability of the product, I try to explain generally the tradeoffs Asana faces, their apparent design principles, and a suggestion for a nudge.



Having the option to view recurring tasks via Calendar or Timeline should be a baseline feature for Asana. I am very disappointed that this fundamental functionality hasn’t been prioritized and resolved by Asana.

I manage cross-functional teams working on multiple projects over a rolling 12-month period. It is essential to be able to see ALL my recurring tasks across the next 12-months in a Calendar or Timeline view. Having to duplicate hundreds of individual tasks is a waste of my most valuable resource–my time!


I manage a social media calendar and the ability to see the reoccurring tasks in calendar view is crucial. At a glance everyone can see what days need what posts. We want to also be able to put titles on each day when chosen in advance and cannot do that with the current design. I can’t believe after 4 years on this original post and ask that nothing has been developed or even in QA, beta by now. The community is asking. Should be a toggle to show or hide.

I got into ASANA to sort my calendar out, and not having this functionality make it hard to plan the future weeks… I feel it’s a very basic setting that should be available… Even if it’s only for 2 months ahead…
It’s really doing my head that this is not available…

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But if a task is set to reoccur so often that it “fills the task list” then what’s the problem with that? If there are lots of other tasks in between the recurring tasks then it fills up too. This seems like a silly reason to just withhold our tasks from view.


Agree with the posts and let’s be honest, there’s no need to list every reason why as it is pretty simple. If Asana doesn’t allow recurring tasks then it’s pretty pointless as a calendar/scheduling tool.


I’m new to this thread, but have to agree with other responses like @Federico_Neri above. Having “clutter” or “tons of tasks” show up in our Calendars is NOT a huge downside–it’s a realistic portrayal of our TRUE workloads. If I have a dozen or so mandatory meetings per week, then their ABSENCE from the calendar view is the huge downside.

My leadership is expecting me to keep the calendar view up to date so they can predict how much work they can expect from me on a daily basis. Right now it can appear that I have nothing but time for them tomorrow, when in fact I have 4 hours of meetings. Obscuring that fact might APPEAR clean and tidy, but it’s false. The truly cluttered nature of our calendars is the very thing that drives our need to SEE the clutter in Asana somehow. Asana does so many things well that it honestly leaves me dumfounded that we don’t appear to be in agreement on this point.


Also the Task will not show up in Workload in the portfolio.
So that is the same fail.

Just upgraded to Premium after signing up and immediately canceling a few years ago. Couldn’t remember why. Within an hour I remembered why. Can’t work without seeing my scheduled tasks. Seriously, four years and all the community has to show for it is an ambassador with an attitude?

Unfortunately, I have to shop around again and Asana has more competition now than ever before.

Why why why isn’t this change being made? We’re all desperate to understand.


This thread started in 2017. Asana, why hasn’t this been fixed yet?


wow this feature is still missing?!?!?!

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So, I just started using this program for planning. Supposed to be superior to the competitors, and I agreed. I’ve set up everything, every project, every recurring task, I check the calender, and… this.

A quick google gave me a lot of results, all with the same answer: check THIS post.
It’s been 4 years since this was being asked for by the community, and it’s still not implemented.

Please implement this ASAP, or I might even start to say things like Microsoft Teams may be an alternative :speak_no_evil:

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Why isn’t this tool being added as a link to the Recurring Table?
If this is what I think what it is, this could be programmed as an export/import checkbox, and we are done!
Make it happen, I’m only waiting for an hour, the rest has been waiting for years.

What is it? I don’t understand what you are referring to. I don’t work for Asana, my tool can’t be available in Asana…