Convert task to subtask

I would love to be able to make a task a subtask of another task, especially when I realize it should be a step in a task, not it’s own task. In general, it would be great if you could scale from a subtask, all the way to a project or team with one topic/task. Also, it would be nice to just drag a task over another task to make it a subtask.


Hi @Seth_Ring,

Thank for your feedback!

Not sure if you have tried this, but in the list view, you can drag a task from the main task list and make it a subtask of another task in that main list. To do this:

  • Make sure your cursor has selected the destination task

  • Drag your desired subtask from the list

There is more information of our Guide on how to do this. How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide


How about when I realize that I want a project and it’s tasks to be a task in another project? Do I have to recreate the entire thread?

If you’d like a project and its tasks to be included in another project, I recommend that you create a task with the project name and in the task description include a link to the project.

For example, if the project name is: Q2 Goals
The task could be titled: Q2 Goals [project link]
Then the task description would include a link to that project. :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea. We’re currently working through our workflow process but one thing I’m worried about is too many projects. So having projects referring to projects seems like a surefire way to get too many projects! However, the tasks with subtasks is not as user friendly as tasks within projects so we’re still trying to figure how to solve that.

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Very good idea ! Thanks for sharing alexis.

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Hi guys, found a nice work around for this inspired by another thread (hat tip to Michael_Ambrus).

Tag both tasks.
Click on one of the tags
Then click on the destination so it opens on the right
Click and drag the source task in amongst the sub tasks



sorry update to say my workaround does something weird that’s not entirely desirable.

So it does include it as a sub task but it also seems to continue to exist as a regular task. Weird.

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Hello there :slight_smile:

So in a project list view type its easy to drag a task to another task to convert it as a subtask of the second one, as explained by @Aisling_Grogan and in How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

But how about doing the same in a project board view type?
Can anyone help me here?

Many thanks


Hi @Ricardo_Ferreira - the equivalent subtask functionality does not exist in boards view right now. However, we hope to expand boards functionality very soon.


I’m wondering what’s your scale for “soon”…
I’m here at this thread because can’t move a task under another one in board view… and can’t change the view to list.
I tried @Peter3 's solution from above and that works - but that’s a workaround. I have some itching when I need to click more than should (might be personal… that’s my user-feedback).
Keep up… and publish, please, a roadmap instead of ‘soonifying’ the customer support threads :slight_smile:

Hey there @Geza_Molnar. Thanks for your thoughts! If you’d like to see this as a feature I suggest you add to an existing relevant thread in the #productfeedback category or you can feel free to create a new one. :slight_smile:

Hi, i think this could also be usefull to “convert section to subtask”

So, moving a section should carry all it tasks…
This is also true when sorting sections… theres no way to select or move al tasks bellow that section…



Here is one

and two

Keep up!

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It will be great to select more than just one by one the tasks to drag them into another task. I tried selecting to tasks and I just had the screen “Yo selected 2 Tasks” at mi right and not the main task where I wanted to move them.

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This is not working for me. When I attempt to drag the task into the other, I get a error symbol. It will only let me move it above or below. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. This is so frustrating as I have spent hours setting up my Asana to transition from paper planners and now I realize I need to condense and use more sub-tasks. I have so many that I need to move. If you could assist me with this, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

Hi @Jessica_Edson-SImmon - we’ll be happy to help! You should be able to easily convert subtasks to tasks via drag and drop. Could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing?

Hi, Alexis! I must have misunderstood the previous post. What I am attempting to do is convert a task to a subtask. Is this possible?

@Jessica_Edson-SImmon Yes this is possible. It’s just not ideal. I just finished doing this for about 50 tasks and it didn’t take too long but way longer than it should.

You can NOT select multiple tasks and then turn them into subtasks in the same way you can select multiple subtasks and drag them over to become tasks.

With subtasks you must do the following:

  • Have the Destination Task and the Eventual Subtasks in same project (preferably near each other)
  • Select the Destination Task with mouse click bringing up the task on right hand side
  • Hover over ONE Eventual Subtask and click/hold on the drag icon
  • Drag this Eventual Subtask over to the right hand side Destination Task BELOW the Description box
    • This is important: IT MUST BE RIGHT ON THE LINE under the Description box if no subtasks exists, otherwise you will see the red error symbol
    • If subtasks already exist then just drag it amongst them where you need it

The reason you can’t multi-drag tasks into a Destination Task is that by the nature of Asana this brings up a combined task view on the right hand side, replacing your Destination Task view.

This is “working as intended”. The only way to fix this would be for them to add a menu option in the task view that says “add as subtask” and lets you choose what task to add the multi-selected tasks to.


thanks for that detailed description. Very helpful as its exactly what i was trying to do!