Boards Convert Tasks into Subtasks

HI just wondering if we could drag and drop subtasks into a task… the option is available in list format… is there a way of doing for the board… thanks in advance…


Hi @Amith_Shylendranath — There isn’t a way to drag & drop tasks to become subtasks in Board View at this time, but we’ll note your feedback to our product team.


I’d like to second request this feature. Would it be possible to get an estimated time frame on when this feature might be implemented?

We need the ability to convert tasks from forwarded emails into subtasks in Boards.


Hi Agnes. We are unable to provide a timeline on feature requests, but we’ve noted your feedback to our product team and they will proceed with next steps. Thanks!

I would like to third that request or complete the option to view projects as Lists or boards!!



I’ll fourth this request! Thanks.


And me, this is becoming a pain. Having to delete and recreate seems a little clunky


I’ll fifth this request!

Thank you :slight_smile:

In the meantime, for those who still want to drag and drop, I’m using a small trick to have it working. It’s a bit long but can still be helpful:

Juste create a project that is private to you and in listing mode. I called it (“Aggregator :lock:”). Once done, you can add to this project the Task that’ll be the main task in the board and all the “future” subtasks as well. Go to the created project, do your drag and drop as usual, and, once it’s done, just remove the Task from the “Aggregator” project. It’ll be in your board project and contains all its subtasks.

It’s a bit long, and you have a project that is just to do task processing, but it works :slight_smile:



I’ll sixth this request!

In general, the boards seem to have a limited functionality compared to the list layouts. However, I prefer the board view for some projects. Removing these limitations would be great.


We also need this feature for our workflow. Please keep us updated as to when you can add this!


I’m seventh’in this!
I find convenient to have list layouts for projects and boards as tasks (that I’ll have to do today, next week/month and eventually). When I start a project, it’s easy to throw a task/sub into a list in a board.

However, sometimes I just throw an idea in one of those lists on the board, and I’d love to be able to add that as a subtask in any of the other “cards” across that board or in a project list.



8th! Please add this feature

Yes please!! The ability to drag / drop / move tasks across the board is so needed please!!

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Yes, please! I would also add my name to this request. The board view works better visually, but it’s functionality appears to be more limited (users should be warned about this before creating a project in this view). It will be great if the two views have the same functionality (e.g. converting tasks to sub-task) or if one can switch between views for the same project. Thanks!


Yes, we really need this feature. Is too limited the board view.

This would be an incredible helpful feature for our organization!

Thanks for your feedback! Don’t forget to vote at the top of the thread.

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ditto - crucial feature
thanks to @Julien_Gauthier for the workaround


Tag the tasks and subtasks that you would like to move with the same tag. Once you click on the tag, it shows in the list format and you can then move tasks to subtasks.


Not being able to convert tasks into subtasks and reverse is limiting. Recreating & deleting is clumsy and loses history and comments.

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