Change Task to Subtask

I see that you can turn a Task into a Project. Is there a way to turn a Task into a Subtask?

I rearranged a project, so I moved some Tasks to another Column. So now I want to make what was my Column Name into my Task Name and my Tasks into Subtasks.

At present you can’t convert Boards to Lists and vice-versa,which would be the first step.
I believe this will be possible in the near future, but I have no idea whether this will include your wish for sub tasks

Hi @Mel_Stone
You can drag tasks to become subtasks in List view projects (How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide).
If your project is in Board view (which it sounds like it is), there isn’t an easy way to turn a task into a subtask.

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I have seen the place where you change the view when setting up the
project. How do you easliy change it back and forth?

Mel Stone

Hi @Mel_Stone
You can quickly convert a project from a List to Board view by following these steps

Now you’ll have these tasks show up in both your List and Board project.
If you no longer want the List project and want to work from the Board one instead, you can go to that List project > Click the drop-down arrow next to the project name > Delete project.
All of the tasks will still live on the Board project you created.

Going from a Board view to List view isn’t quite as easy.
I’d recommend you click into each task / card and click the + button (steps outlined above) to add that task to a List project.

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Wow that is confusing! !! Lol

Wish there was a drop down to toggle back and forth.

Agreed! :confused: We’ll note your feedback.

This is a neat work around from list to board - until the toggle menu emerges - Thanks

I’m new to Asana but definitely want to +1 any way to make it easier to convert tasks to subtasks. Ideally this would be a simple drag-and-drop in any view you’re on (similar to Todoist). I’ve created a few tasks & now realize they should be subtasks of a larger task. Should be easy and intuitive to change them IMO. Thanks.

You may find a workaround here

And you may vote for this Product Feedback


Is this also possible in the Android app?

I’ve done it by dragging .
Select the desired “parent” task so you get detail pane. Drag your desired “child” task under the description of the parent in the detail frame. This works for multiple task selections as well.

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And that works both ways :slight_smile:

Hi folks closing this thread since we now have a feature allowing you to make a task the subtask of another task; more info in the following announcement: Meet our new Task option Menu :slight_smile: