Convert subtask to task via "convert to" menu

I need the ability to convert a subtask into a task. This seems to be a recurring topic on the forum. There are several old posts saying that if you switch to list view and drag the task out, it will become a task. This doesn’t seem to work on the desktop app. Trying to drag after selecting, just selects multiple items instead of moving an item

Even if it did work, having to switch back and forth between list and board, having to navigate back to the task you were interested in, is extremely annoying an unproductive. There is already a “Convert to” option on subtasks, but weirdly it only offers to convert it to a subtask or a project. We need this menu to be updated to include the option to convert to a task, so users don’t have to leave whatever view they are in currently

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 10.40.39

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As you mentioned one workaround is this.

Now the other way is to just add the subtask to a project and then just “remove as subtask”

This means the task won’t be a subtask anymore but instead a normal task within a project.
That should solve the problem you are facing.

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This might be a better workaround for now, thank you.

But the point remains, the appropriate place for this to be is under convert, where it could be done in one action without duplicating and maintenance

I have just done that and the task has disappeared. Tried advance search, but to no avail. Does anyone have any advice on how to resurrect the removed (lost in the abyss) subtask?