Convert task to sub task and Vice Versa



It would be helpful to have the ability to move tasks in and out of being parent and sub tasks.

Would love to see this in place.


Actually you can by drag an droping inside and outside the task. Did you know?


Hey @lilrkt! There isn’t any feature/button to allow you to convert a task into a subtask (and vice versa), but as @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can already convert a subtask into a task by dragging it from your task pane (on the right), to the task list (on the left). And the other way around you can also drag a task from the task list to a list of subtasks. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


How does it work if you’re working on a board instead of a list?


@Rita_Cachao It’s not currently possible to do in a Board view project. You can vote for that feature here; also here is one possible workaround.


Hi all,

I created a Google Chrome extension and implemented the button to convert the task to a subtask of another task.
They don’t need to be in the same project or in the same view. You can reference any task in Asana Workspace/Organization as the new parent task.
(Which means you may need to remove the project from the subtask manually.)

If you are using Google Chrome, you can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

More info on this Asana Community post: Efficiency Google Chrome extension to enhance navigation for Asana tasks.

Hope this helps.

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