Tab+O to show/hide the sidebar, your new favorite shortcut!

Hey everyone!

I’m Jordan, a PM at Asana with a small but exciting update!

The sidebar is really helpful but it takes up a non-trivial amount of space. Have you ever wished you could quickly open and close it with a simple keyboard shortcut? Now you can by pressing TAB+O! TAB+O is a new shortcut that either opens or hides the sidebar, depending on its current state.

We hope you enjoy and find this enhancement helpful. As always, please let us know if you have feedback.



Nice! Thanks for keeping keyboard shortcuts fresh. They really cut down on time spent clicking around.


Nice :sunglasses:

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Nice! Where can I find the complete list of short cuts??

Hi @Brian_Carson :wave:t3:

You can find it in our Guide ( or by clicking ont the “?” in the top right corner of your Asana as seen in the screenshot below:


Hope this helps! Have a great day!

You’re right, @Jordan_Katz, this is my new favorite shortcut. Thank you, thank you. Love these small, but significant, updates.


Hello, I rarely use sidebar and having a shortcut to hide it is great. But there is no Workspace name anywhere on the page after hiding sidebar. Since I always have 2 or more workspaces opened sidebar is the only option to differentiate between them. So while I love having the option to hide sidebar, I won’t use it.