Add toolbar function

(Changed the title and content to be more generic.)
Set up a toolbar that can be customized to the right of the button that opens and closes the sidebar (≡)


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You could also just use keyboard shortcuts, which are even faster than clicking a button!

Check them out here:


Thanks for the keyboard shortcut suggestion.
Unfortunately, I’m not very good at keyboard shortcuts, personally.
・I don’t want to remember 3 additional shortcuts (Home, My Tasks, Inbox) (Ctrl + S, Ctrl + Z, limit)
・I still don’t understand that the Tab key is a shortcut (Tab key is for Tab, right?)
・I want to move with just a mouse

I’m afraid Asana used to look like this a while ago and was redesigned, presumably to streamline the appearance.

Until/if this is changed, might you consider doing what I do? I use the browser version of Asana (Chrome) and the first two tabs of one window are Inbox and My Tasks–always. I don’t need a Tab shortcut or a button, and it’s faster. (Cmd/Ctrl+1, Cmd/Ctrl+2 are available and easy to remember for tabs 1, 2, … and Cmd/Ctrl+9 always navigates to the last tab).



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I don’t dislike Windows Explorer or Excel UI. I kind of like Linux too. I have never used a Mac.
It’s not for that reason, but I’m not good at Asana’s UI.

  1. Last time, on the advice of an acquaintance, I used two browser tabs, one displaying my tasks and one displaying my portfolio. I don’t think it is overly useful.

  2. With the recent new UI,
    ・It’s nice to have Home, My Tasks, and Inbox pinned when you open the sidebar.
    ・Home, My Tasks, and Inbox disappear when the sidebar is closed. This is inconvenient.
    ・That’s why I made this proposal.

  3. In the case of asana, I feel the design concept of working from Home (or My Tasks). I think this is it. However, although it is good to dive deep and deep, it seems that it is not good at floating upwards.

  4. For my workflow,
    ・From home, down to projects, down to tasks, to another task linked to that task, and so on.
    ・Once the process is finished, you want to return to Home (or My Tasks) and start processing another project or task.
    ・In that case, I think that Home is fixed at the top of the sidebar so that it is easy to return to Home.
    ・If you work with the sidebar closed, to return to home, open the closed sidebar, press the home button, then close the sidebar. I feel it is necessary and useless.