How about a keyboard shortcut to copy the task link

The task link widget is great because it copies the full screen task link. It’d be great if a keyboard shortcut existed for this. Tab + ?

Love the idea @Michael_B, thanks for sharing :+1:t3:


Hi @Michael_B,
I use Ctrl + L (Windows) or Cmd + L (Mac) to activate the address bar and then press Ctrl + C (Windows) or Cmd + C (Mac) to copy the URL. This way the “/f” at the end is not included.
I only tested it on Chrome but I assume every browser has each keyboard shortcut to jump to the address bar and copy the URL.
I hope this helps!

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Indeed. Copying the address bar works, but doesn’t append the “/f”
So many good characters for TAB commands are taken. But maybe an Asana Dev can come up with something useful.
We find ourselves more and more referencing task links in outside chats, emails, etc to bring the conversation back to Asana. A quick keyboard shortcut to copy the task link the clipboard would be amazing.


Hey Michael,
I also do like and recommend to link to tasks when they are mentioned in other communication channels. I have set a shortcut (on macOS) which not only copies the URL, but also the task title or project (technically I am getting the Window title from the browser tab), so I get something like this on my clipboard:

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I have this as a workflow in Alfred. Can share if you‘re interested. It not only works with Asana, but also with Google Docs, etc.