BUG: 'Make a subtask of' and delete


Dear All,

I am a new ASANA user.
I have a query: when I convert a task into a subtask within a different task (through the ‘make a subtask of’ option) the original task is still there. And when I delete it, it also deletes the new subtask. I’d like the original task to disappear and appear only as new subtask., if this makes sense.
Could you help?




Hi @Leonardo_Pegoraro

I wonder if this could be a bug, because I’m not able to reproduce your problem. I’ve just created two tasks, then made Task 2 a subtask of Task 1. Task 2 disappeared and moved into Task 1.

Could you post a couple of screenshots to illustrate what you’re seeing?


Hi Mark,

Thank you for helping me.

I have created two tasks: Test 1 and Test 2. Then made Test 1 a subtask of Test 2.

But after that Test 1 doesn’t disappear from the Board view. And if I delete Test 1 from the Board, ASANA will also delete it as subtask from Test 2.

Please see the attached slides.



(Attachment Doc1.docx is missing)


I re-send the slides:




No problem, Leonardo.

I think you’ve discovered a bug, so I’ve moved your post to that category, if that’s okay. I had only tested this in list format, not board. When I tried it in a board project, I experienced the same problem.

I think the error occurs when the tasked is made into a subtask but remains part of the parent project. In a list project, when a task is made into a subtask, it is no longer attached to the parent project, so it disappears from view when it’s moved. In a board, that doesn’t happen. So you have a task that has been converted into a subtask but is still part of the parent project, which means it shows up in the task list.

@Marie or @Edda, there’s a similar post here, if you’d like to merge them:


Hi Mark,

Thanks for this.
I am new to ASANA and its community forum. We’ll I get assistance on this soon?
My free trial period will expire in two days and if I do not find a way to fix this my boss will decide to unsubscribe.




Hi Leonardo

If it’s urgent, I would contact customer support. You can do that here. You just select ‘I’m having trouble with’, then scroll down to ‘Let’s talk’.

They’re usually pretty quick to respond.

Good luck,


Hi @Leonardo_Pegoraro and my sincere apologies for the late follow-up! I’ve liaised with our support team who confirmed they were in touch with you regarding this issue. Our Development Team is looking into this and support will be in touch as soon as they have an update.

Again, so sorry for all the trouble here!