BUG: 'Make a subtask of' and delete



Dear All,

I am a new ASANA user.
I have a query: when I convert a task into a subtask within a different task (through the ‘make a subtask of’ option) the original task is still there. And when I delete it, it also deletes the new subtask. I’d like the original task to disappear and appear only as new subtask., if this makes sense.
Could you help?




Hi @Leonardo_Pegoraro

I wonder if this could be a bug, because I’m not able to reproduce your problem. I’ve just created two tasks, then made Task 2 a subtask of Task 1. Task 2 disappeared and moved into Task 1.

Could you post a couple of screenshots to illustrate what you’re seeing?


Hi Mark,

Thank you for helping me.

I have created two tasks: Test 1 and Test 2. Then made Test 1 a subtask of Test 2.

But after that Test 1 doesn’t disappear from the Board view. And if I delete Test 1 from the Board, ASANA will also delete it as subtask from Test 2.

Please see the attached slides.



(Attachment Doc1.docx is missing)


I re-send the slides:




No problem, Leonardo.

I think you’ve discovered a bug, so I’ve moved your post to that category, if that’s okay. I had only tested this in list format, not board. When I tried it in a board project, I experienced the same problem.

I think the error occurs when the tasked is made into a subtask but remains part of the parent project. In a list project, when a task is made into a subtask, it is no longer attached to the parent project, so it disappears from view when it’s moved. In a board, that doesn’t happen. So you have a task that has been converted into a subtask but is still part of the parent project, which means it shows up in the task list.

@Marie or @Edda, there’s a similar post here, if you’d like to merge them:


Hi Mark,

Thanks for this.
I am new to ASANA and its community forum. We’ll I get assistance on this soon?
My free trial period will expire in two days and if I do not find a way to fix this my boss will decide to unsubscribe.




Hi Leonardo

If it’s urgent, I would contact customer support. You can do that here. You just select ‘I’m having trouble with’, then scroll down to ‘Let’s talk’.

They’re usually pretty quick to respond.

Good luck,