"make a subtask of" bug


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When I try to move a card into another as a subtask it does not move.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to a card, click three dots, click “make a subtask of”, pick another card

Browser version: Chrome, Version 72.0.3626.81

Upload screenshots below:


BUG: 'Make a subtask of' and delete

Hello @Nikki_Barron.

Thanks for writing in with your request! Let’s see if we can work together to get this issue fixed.

It seems like you’re trying to make an existing task into a subtask in a board project. You’re following all the right steps to do that.

Can you please confirm if, when you open the main task, do you see the subtask listed below the project tag?

I reproduced your steps here and this is how it should look like:

Please let me know in case you don’t see the subtask, and I’ll be happy to take a closer look into this issue.

Thanks for your collaboration and patience!

I’ll look forward hearing from you.

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Hi again @Nikki_Barron,

Please let me know if you still need help with this issue and I’ll be happy to take a second look into this.

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