Move multiple tasks to subtasks


Good morning guys,

It is possible to move subtasks as subtasks of another task but if I have several tasks (not subtasks) selected at once, I can’t find the option (…/Advanced/Make a subtask of) - screenshot attached. Or am I mistaken?

It’d be great to have that option too.

Best, Gilles


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this is an issue for us too. we use subtasks as milestones for projects. at the moment we have to drag tasks individually from the task list to another task, so it becomes a subtask.



we have about 100 tasks that we need to move to be subtasks! currently we have to do this one by one by dragging each task to become a subtask. its very painful not to have any option for bulk moving of tasks to subtasks. even selecting a few and trying to drag them to another task’s subtask section doesnt work.

is there any workaround for this to save us from individually moving all of them?



Just in case you are not aware: if these tasks don’t have very detailed and specific subtasks, you can just copy paste them as subtasks within the task you want (but it is true that it only works to paste the text, nothing else).



its funny you mentioned that, we actually had just tried it as a workaround but we are trying to have these milestone tasks synced/multi-homed so copy and pasting seems to create a new sub task and also, dates and assignee don’t copy and paste :frowning:

it seems relatively easy to multi-home bulk subtasks into another project as tasks but trying to go the other way, multi-homing tasks as subtasks in another project is very difficult.

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