How to move a subtask to become a subtask of another task

I created a template subtask that needs to be created now for each existing task. If I duplicate the subtask and move it to the task list, I cannot move it to become a subtask of an item in the list; it just becomes a new task. How can I duplicate this subtask and make it a subtask of a different tasks?

You would have to move the subtask in the main list so it becomes a task, then duplicate that task as many times as possible, and then go to each task menu > Advanced actions > Make a subtask of.

I am not sure I understand. A task can’t be a subtasks of many task, so you’ll have to duplicate it anyway.

I’ll explain.

I have tasks A, B, C.
I created a subtask for A (My_Subtask) that has details and links and attached files.
I need task B and task C (and all of my existing tasks) to also have the same My_Subtask subtask.
I would like to duplicate the subtask and move each duplicate subtask to be a subtask for each task.
So each task would now have the same My_Subtask as a subtask.

Hi @RoundRocks, thanks for reaching out!

In this case, you can duplicate “My_Subtask”. Then access each duplicated subtask > access Advanced actions > Make a subtask of to make your duplicated subtasks as subtasks of task B and C.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you still have questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks, perfect!

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