Duplicating and copying subtask to multiple tasks

Hi, I continually refine and update some of my subtasks, and that’s great for new tasks I create in the future (I clone a template to create a new task). but I want to push them to existing open tasks.

Is there a way to do this?

Right now I have the duplicate the subtask and make it a subtask, allowing me to pick a task to put it under. but that is only done one at a time.

I usually have multiple open tasks at the same time.

Welcome, @ExpressMHSolutions,

If you don’t have metadata for the subtasks, just the subtask title, you can copy/paste a list of them. For example, copy the rows:


then open task details for the parent task, click Subtasks, and in the blank new subtask, paste. All three subtasks will be created at once.

If you’re on Business or Enterprise, you can have a rule action to add subtasks with metadata to an existing task. The trigger could be an Action select field change to “Add subtasks”.

Hope that helps,


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